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Recruiting Process


Our recruiting process ensures that you only view candidates that meet your job requirements and preferred work style. Once we understand your expectations for the position, our search team employs a multi-faceted strategy to identify possible candidates. The interview methodology that we use vigorously weeds out potential employees that have not distinguished themselves from their peers. Horizon Personnel then only presents you with the best possible candidates to add to your team.

Our Solution to your needs...

We are hired by our clients to find those candidates that clearly stand out from their peers. Our candidates not only possess the technical skills required, they also possess the extraordinary traits that enable them to succeed in their chosen careers.  Our candidates typically possess three or more of the following traits:

  • Extraordinary problem-solving skills
  • Dynamic people skills
  • Business acumen
  • Excellent project-completion skills
  • Proven ability to plan
  • The ability to communicate with other departments
  • Commitment to maintaining high standards
  • Strong work ethic

We have established a hiring process that enables us to perform our jobs at a level that meets our clients’ high standards. This process ensures that our clients receive a high-caliber quality candidate from the time they are presented, to the time they are hired.
Through a teamwork approach we achieve outstanding results.

  • We interview the candidates & identify those that stand out amongst their peers as being in the top of their field.
  • Together as a team, we provide continuous feedback for each candidate throughout the process. 
  • Then we decide together how to proceed (make offer or pass)
    You can leave the rest to us.
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